onsdag 7. desember 2011

WOYWW week 49

 On my workdesk to day...........there is so mutch I would like to do, I am trying to follow 12-artsy-ornaments-of-christmas-workshop. by Chrissy Tomlinson and I am already 2 days behind. And there is 12 xmas tags by Tim Holtz, and my tablecloth is not finished yet, and what about all those xmas card I should be making. I think I grab a cup of coffe instead and relax with a little daytimeTV!
This is the sky at 8 o`clock in the morning last saturday, taken while we were away in the mountains. Look at the amazing blue colour!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Taking time out instead of rushing around in a blind panic is a really good idea - I'm with you there :)
    I love that photo taken up by your cabin, that would make a great Christmas card all by itself!
    have fun with everything you do,
    hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  2. breathe....relax....:)

  3. That's me...setup a few tasks and then ignore them! It doesn't matter, just enjoy your creative time. Your cabin skies are glorious.

  4. I recognized the wreath right away!!! I'm also taking the 12 artsy Christmas ornaments on-line class. It's my first experience.

    So far I've only done the watercolor on the heart (maybe I'll post about it in the next few days).

    It's all fun -- so don't worry about not keeping up. We have six months to watch the videos so relax, and have a second cup!!!

  5. I'm sure you will produce some beautiful wreaths there! That sky photo is gorgeous. Happy belated WOYWW, Shoshi #53